Would your business benefit from reaching the attendees of specific events? If so, then Event Geo-Fencing may be just the tool you have been looking for! Using cutting-edge technology, we encapsulate your targeted convention center, arena, or other venue. We then create an advertising audience list of everyone who attends, sending them your ads directly!  The technology bears similarity to our mobile geo-conquesting capability, but rather than building an audience over an extended period of time we are able to capture all of the attendees at a one-off event. These audiences are ideal and tend to be highly converting!

Own a comic book shop? With our technology you can reach out to all of the people attending the convention happening downtown. How about a record store? With us you can draw in the music lovers from the big concert. This also works for B2B advertising by reaching out to those who attend industry events!

Just Some Event-Types We Can Frame

Conventions, conferences, and tradeshows

Sporting events (pro sports, NCAA, and more)

Concerts and music tours

Radio remotes

Theatre performances and Musicals

Fairs, Oktoberfest, Carnivals

Community and Cultural Events

Fundraisers and Benefits


All About Geo-Framing

Here Is How To Reach The Perfect Audience


Identify an event which has the ideal audience to advertise to

Build an event geo-frame around the event venue for the time when the event will happen

Capture mobile device IDs for everyone who attends the event during the time we specify

We immediately begin showing mobile ads to the people who are part of our audience

For the next 30 days (or more) we show mobile ads to this audience, and encourage them to become a customer

We believe transparency is integral and as such we evaluate every part of your event geo-framing campaign. From the number of attendees we capture to the number of impressions each of them were shown, nothing is overlooked. We meticulously track clickthrough performance and even quantify how many people follow through and visit the client’s business (when in-store traffic is the goal).

We’ve set an event fence to capture anyone who enters the park to attend a weekend festival
We then show ads to people after they leave the event

Keep In Contact With YOUR Audience

Event Geo-Framing is extremely effective in building a new audience for your business. But how about when YOU are the event organizer? Well, wonderful news, Event Geo-Framing is the unmitigated companion marketing tool. Since many events do not have a registration process, how can you successfully reach attendees after they have left your venue? Consider geo-framing your own event! Just imagine being able to reach out and notify your attendees about your next big event, bringing them back for a second, third, or fourth event!

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